What Is SaaS?

Hopefully by now you have a solid grasp of what is entailed in cloud based computing. One of the primary features that goes along with cloud based computing is something known as SaaS. This is an acronym meaning Software as a Service. What it breaks down into is renting or borrowing software that does not belong to you for use either personally or for a business.

Tried and True

SaaS is one of the oldest aspects to the internet. Even before it had an acronym, people used it on a consistent basis. Anyone that had an email account that could be accessed online has used Software as a Service. Any time you or your company uses any kind of program that exists outside of a physical, on-site computer, you are employing SaaS.

Since it is one of the oldest technologies on the internet it is also one of the most stable. In the early years, email and even chat programs were the primary points of attack used by so-called “hackers” or anyone that wanted to attack the system of a person or company. As such, security measures for SaaS had to grow quickly and effectively, lest the entire concept be put out to pasture. In actuality, a company that provides Software as a Service spends a huge amount of capital on security to ensure the safety of the end user. You are actually more secure using a remote program than you are using one on and on-site machine.

Cloud Based Computing and Software as a Service

It is easy to blur the lines between these two buzz words. They seem to mean essentially the same thing. Cloud based computing is handling computations from an off-site location while Software as a Service is using the resources of another company to accomplish a task. On the surface it appears to be little more than six of one, half dozen of another.

The reason for this is simple: Software as a Service is usually a part of what comprises cloud based computing. It is one of two components that allow users to handle their operations remotely. The easiest way to differentiate between these two is to remember that cloud based computing is anything you do off-site, which may or may not employ a program distributed by another company. On the other hand, SaaS is any time you use a program that you do not own. As stated, these two operations almost always work hand in glove. Using one almost typically means using another.

The Second Cog

We said that Software as a Service is one of two ingredients to cloud based computing. The other one is what is known as PaaS, or Platform as a Service. Our next blog will cover in greater detail how PaaS works and how it facilitates better business operation, so rest easy. We’ll give you the full explanation next week.

Business Advantage

The huge advantage to employing SaaS is that it saves costs for everyone involved. You can now use a program that would normally be outside of your budget, renting it for a paltry sum rather than spending large amounts of capital on purchase and licensing, and the creation company doesn’t have to mass produce and distribute their software. They can keep a stable of copies for use by their renters which means a smaller technical support staff, less overhead for sales and promotion, and almost no guesswork.

It also adds greater security since it is using SaaS, one of the oldest concepts on the internet. Since their servers are typically more secure than anything you can afford, there are fewer problems, both for you and them.

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