Three Major Aspects of Strong Cloud Architecture

In today’s ever changing world of fast paced business, a new process has developed which demands not only attention, but qualified handlers. The new development of could computing has injected new life into many businesses and the way they operate and streamline their internal procedures. As companies begin to look into cloud technology one thing is strikingly apparent; there is a deep need for qualified cloud architects.

There are many today who are experienced in application, enterprise, and systems architecture that are sure to find that their experience helps them considerably within this new framework. As well, there are also those who will be able to pick up designing cloud systems without any prolonged struggle. However, for both those who are experienced with process architecture, and those who are learning today within the cloud computing structure, there are three major aspects that must never be overlooked.

Stay Focused on a Specific Architectural Approach

In every architectural process there must be a central theme, or focus, that drives the entirety of the project to a successful completion. This remains true for everything from real world building architecture to the business world and process architecture. Taking control, or leveraging, an approach, like Service Oriented Architecture will help steer the cloud computing process rather than following the process.

Always Be Thinking of Performance

While you are focused on the approach to the architectural design of the cloud technology, architects must also be cognizant of the actual performance of cloud technologies. There are plenty of different platforms to choose from, but they all contain their own latencies and problems. Becoming aware of these problems will allow systems architects to design processes around some of these problems so that the user is then able to work freely.

Keep Security From Being Pushed Aside to Later

The spectre of corporate espionage and plans, ideas, and technologies being leaked to competitive businesses is always a looming danger. In day to day activities there is a half hearted approach to keeping files secure within the internal networking interface. Sure, there is security and firewalls, but they are usually implemented after the processes are in place. While designing a cloud interface for users and personnel it is important to design around the security rather than adapting security.

Jump into cloud architecture today for a well rounded process for keeping productivity high and services clean. As your company jumps into the fray keep these three aspects at the top of the design plan. In doing so, the cloud technology will be able to work for you rather than the other way around.

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