Seven Things You Need To Know About Digital Transformation Now

The term digital transformation is being bandied about wherever you turn these days. It is an all-encompassing term, so it might be difficult to know how it relates to your company, and why it’s important now. We hope this paper gives you some key take-aways you should consider now.

So what’s all the fuss about digital transformation?

You could look back at companies who did not keep up with digital transformation to find out what all the fuss is about: Kodak, Blockbuster, BHS, Clinton’s Cards…

These are companies who somehow did not prepare for the technological changes which were changing their industries. While other younger companies were doing things in new ways, the ‘old guard’ didn’t manage to keep up.

Digital transformation is a broad term, and can mean a number of different things. Often it refers to the transformation process whereby a company becomes totally customer-centric, so that they reach their customers when they want and where they want – and it requires technology to do this. Often this technology relies on APIs and API management – to create the apps which customers want.

This whitepaper will tell you:

  • Seven main things you need to know about digital transformation
  • How APIs and API management fit into this picture
  • How you can conquer uncertainty by leveraging APIs

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