Migrating SBJ from a legacy software platform to the cloud

Who are SBJ?

Standard Bank Jersey are a part of Standard Bank Wealth International and have been running for over 40 years. SBJ’s mission is to help clients preserve and maximise their wealth, using an integrated, flexible system.

SBJ offer a wide range of onshore and offshore services, including Private and Priority Banking and Retail Banking. Their next goal was to upgrade their legacy systems to make their services more efficient, easier to manage and to improve their customer experience.

The partnership with Integrella

SBJ were seeking a partner to help them migrate from their aging legacy software platform, SeeBeyond, which is now out of the support scope of Oracle. SBJ had been partnered with an on-site sibling organisation at ICBCS for hosting their hardware, which made them reliant on them for maintenance and support work. In turn, this slowed down their ability to scale up and process data efficiently.

Integrella were introduced to migrate SBJ to the cloud, to increase agility and bring them in line with modern processes. The project is set to be completed by December 2021.

Upgrading SBJ’s systems

To complete the migration, Integrella have implemented Microsoft Azure Integration services and used a combination of Azure Logic Apps and Function Apps to deliver the solution. Integrella have installed a mix of on premises applications, SBJ managed cloud applications and vendor managed cloud applications, including ION Spectrum (Treasury system) and Bottomline – FircoSoft – GTFrame.

To manage the new systems, Integrella are providing out of hours break-fix support, plus a daytime managed service contract for functional change.

Key benefits of the project

  • SBJ have taken control of their own destiny, now they’re not reliant on a sibling organisation
  • Increased functionality and future proofing in the new solution
  • Building a platform for future change
  • Better scalability due to having a cloud-based platform
  • Faster time to market for change
  • Flexibility to build new environments for testing (spin up spin down)

About Integrella

Integrella is a specialist IT services company supplying round-the-clock support to organisations across the education and healthcare sectors, as well as in the public sector, financial services, retail, and utilities sectors.

We enable digital transformation through Agile, full-stack product development, API management, DevOps and Microservices. Our expert IT integration services include consulting, development, delivery, support, and resourcing. We deliver our solutions by applying agile principles, developing accelerators, and equipping our team with the expertise they need.

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