CloudCast (TM) Cloud Integration Launched at the BCS

cloud integrationIntegrella launches CloudCast, its ingenious cloud integration solution, at the BCS Financial Services Specialist Group’s seminar on Cloud Computing Challenges and Solutions in the Financial Sector.

Associate Directors¬†Tony Gamby,¬†Malcolm Newbury and Integrella CEO Marcus Davies launched Integrella’s CloudCast cloud integration solution at the well-attended BCS, receiving high marks for the company’s first foray into offering a comprehensive integration-based SaaS that facilitates integration for vendors and offers significant savings for adopters of the solution.

For Independent Software Vendors (ISVs), which highly scaleable cloud offerings, the process of integration continues to be a difficult, time consuming drain on resources, especially considering that the integration process is not an end for a software vendor, but rather a means to an end. While seamless integration of their own software solutions is a critical step for ISVs, it is not a field that many of them are familiar with or care to invest in. As a result, integration requirements can create costly hangups for software vendors that can degrade their offerings to clients.

CloudCast is addressing a gap in the market for a solution as a service (SaaS) that goes farther than simply providing the software and leaving the client with the headache of delivering and maintaining the solution. Because cloud computing is leading organizations toward storing data in the cloud, there is an explicit need for secure and scalable interfaces to access data from within the cloud via enterprise applications and other cloud-based applications. CloudCast offers organizations a cloud-based suite of technologies to achieve this.

But because Integrella’s core business centers on business integration and middleware consultancy and ongoing technical services to its clients, the hallmark of CloudCast is that it is not merely a cloud-based software package; it also includes the support that ISVs need to move through the integration process quickly and efficiently. Behind the software is Integrella’s own hands-on technical support.

The combination of a cloud-based integration solution, together with Integrella’s unparalleled technical support, offers a truly unprecedented integration option for ISVs.

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